CYMA CM.351M Breacher Shotgun (Metal Version) - Black

SKU 24560
  • The CM351M Tactical Shotgun has been produced by CYMA specially for the airsoft market.
  • Based on the M870 shotgun, this is a 'breacher' style compact shotgun.
  • This Spring Action Shotgun is the full metal version (receiver, cross bolt safety, trigger, trigger guard, magazine loading port, barrel, action bar, tubular magazine).
  • Shotgun includes 3 shells which each take 30 rounds giving total capacity of 90 BBs!
  • Removing the cap at the end of the tube gives you space to house some shells.
  • A release button to the right of the trigger guard flips the shell storage door open allowing a single shell to be inserted.
  • The CM351M features 3 separate internal barrels allowing three BBs to be fired at once!
  • Pull back the pump handle to chamber three BBs. Pulling the trigger propels all three BBs down the barrel.
  • Working safety located in the rear of the trigger guard directly blocks the trigger.
  • Front and rear sling mount attachments allow the use of a sling.
  • Includes a 90rd BB loader and cleaning rod.
  • Additional shells can be found here.
  • Black in colour.
  • Fires at: 280fps
  • Weighs: 1.67kg
  • Length: 635mm

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