AGM M500 Cruiser Shotgun

by AGM
SKU 43250
  • A fantastic budget replica from AGM based on the design of a M500 Mossberg pump-action shotgun.
  • Internal components such as the trigger, trigger components, piston, and cylinder are made from reinforced nylon, significantly increasing their durability.
  • The main structure is primarily constructed from sturdy synthetic material, while essential structural elements are made of metal, ensuring improved strength of the replica.
  • 16-inch ABS made outer barrel with metal heat shield.
  • Inner Barrel length: 325mm.
  • Fires one BB at a time.
  • Functional safety lever beside trigger.
  • Unlike other airsoft models that shoot from a shotgun-shell style magazine, you first eject the magazine from the model and load your BBs into it.
  • 15-round box magazine.
  • 90rd BB loader included.
  • Suitable for occasional target shooting/plinking, not recommended for skirmishing.
  • Fires at: 310fps
  • Weighs: 1.25kg
  • Length: 670mm

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