G&G CM16 Wild Hog - 9"

by G&G
SKU EGC-WLP-009-BNB-NCM / 25114
  • The CM16 Wild Hog series of AEGs from G&G have their own unique KeyMod handguard, with detachable sound amplifier, 18K motor and G&G's ETU electronic trigger switch system.
  • Built primarily from tough ABS/nylon with lots of metal parts.
  • Selectable safe, semi and fully automatic fire.
  • The most radical change to typical AEG design with the Wild Hog is the elimination of a traditional trigger switch. This has been replaced with a new electronic trigger unit (ETU), which results in much faster trigger response, quicker motor spin up time and increased reliability (no more worn out trigger contacts).
  • It also sports a programmable MOSFET, which allows for a three round burst fire mode. Simply hold the trigger down for 10 seconds in semi-auto mode to activate. The MOSFET also has a low battery indicator.
  • You get G&G's standard high quality V2 gearbox, with ported aluminium cylinder, polycarbonate tappet plate, cylinder head, piston and air nozzle and strong steel gears. Further complimented with 8mm brass bushings and a metal recoil rod for reliability and a ported piston head for maximum compression.
  • This CM16 Wild Hog sports a 9" KeyMod metal handguard, perfect for CQB or medium range skirmish sites.
  • Other metal parts are abundant, including the barrel, front and rear sights, KeyMod handguard, stock tube, dust cover, rear sling mount, charging handle, trigger and magazine release.
  • The moulded magazine has a 300rd capacity. Regular M4/M16 magazines can also be used.
  • Adjustable hop-up unit located behind the dust cover.
  • A 20mm top rail traverses the upper receiver for attachment of any 20mm optic.
  • The front and rear sights are highly adjustable and can fold down flat against the top rail. They are also removable.
  • Working charging handle that can be pulled backwards and released, flipping open the dust cover.
  • These AEGs also feature ambidextrous magazine release catches and a uniquely shaped trigger guard.
  • All Wild Hog models have snappy trigger response and a great rate of fire.
  • Six position retractable GOS-V3 crane stock that can house a standard 9.6V cranestock (not included) and can also hold spare 123a batteries. Also features a lock function to keep it securely in its fixed position.
  • The outer barrel inside the handguard has a detachable sound amplifier which gives the gun a more aggressive sound. This can be unscrewed to reveal a 14mm CCW thread for silencer attachment.
  • Note: No battery or charger is included. We recommend the use of a 9.6V cranestock like this. Chargers here.
  • Further note: Preferably new or nearly new, freshly charged batteries are recommended for use with this gun, to optimise the performance of semi-automatic. Using old, weak or low charged batteries will result in slow, or erratic (multiple shots) shooting or potentially no power at all.
  • 25514
  • Fires at: 305-310fps
  • Weighs: 2.13kg
  • Length: 760mm
  • Battery: 9.6V 1600mAh crane stock (not included)
  • Charger: Not included

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