Hadron Airsoft Designs MK23 Magazine Feed Lip (Hot Lip)

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  • A newly designed feed lip for both internal and external features, including a free flow exit path for the the bb.
  • Magazine can be loaded via lips, or usual bottom of magazine area.
  • Nice bright colour, which helps locating dropped mags in the wild.
  • Manufactured in tough nylon material.
  • These lips can be fitted to all NBB mk23 magazines, STI, ASG, Novritch, and TM etc.
  • Note : A massive variation in Mk23 loading nozzle dimensions over all models, MK23 nozzle return spring strength, plus, variations in magazine casting/moulding. On some occasions shortening of the BB pusher by 0.6 to 0.8mm is required (STI and ASG new models are more common for requiring this).
  • Each MK23 Hot lip may have a small amount of post processing. This will show as a white mark internally, where polished. Do not be alarmed, as this colour change is local to that immediate area. Please see internal image above for clarification.
  • Listing is for a single feed lip.

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