KombatUK 2.5 Litre Hydration Pack/Bladder

SKU 5056258900239
  • A great value hydration pack that holds 2.5 litres of fluid.
  • The pack itself features a large 3.5" filling neck that allows you to easily fill the pack from even the largest container.
  • Screw cap features a 4mm O-ring for an air-tight seal. Cap assembly also has a handy integrated handle for easy carry.
  • The 38" feed tube screws into the screw connector at the base of the hydration pack.
  • The mouthpiece features a protective dirt/dust cap to keep it clean and fluid is released with a push/pull cap design.
  • Useable between -20°C and +50°C.
  • Outside of the pack features stamped on incremental fill levels.
  • Can not hold dairy/alcoholic products or hot fluids

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