Laylax Prometheus Neo Air Nozzle for Recoil Shock M4 Series

by Laylax
SKU 4571443162298
  • High quality upgraded air nozzle from Laylax.
  • Built-in o-ring for improved air tightness.
  • Made of selected high-grade POM plastic material for dimensional stability and resistance to abrasion.
  • Suitable for the Tokyo Marui Next Gen AEG M4 Recoil series.
  • Nozzles are essential in the feeding, loading, and firing of BBs.
  • The shape of the nozzle hole itself reduces the load on the gear mechanism.
  • Compatible Models:
    Tokyo Marui Automatic Electric Gun Next Generation Series
    ・M4A1 Carbine
    ・SOPMOD M4
    ・MK18 MOD1
    ・Recce Rifle
    ・DEVGRU Custom HK416D
    ・HK416 Delta Custom
    ・HK416C Custom
    ・HK417 Early Variant

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