Strike (ASG) 552 Sight - Red/Green - Tan

by Strike
SKU 17189
  • Based upon the 552 optic from EOTech, with all the same features at a more affordable price. Measures in at 127mm long and 68mm high.
  • The unit is powered by 2x AAA batteries, which are easily accessible through the front mounted battery compartment. The lid is held in place with a clever locking lever.
  • The mount base is made from a heavyweight metal, as is the lens hood and "throw levers".
  • Features EOTech's "throw levers" which allow rapid attachment and removal of the scope from 20mm rail systems with no tools. 
  • The scope sports fog proof internal optics and an illuminated reticle as shown in the picture.
  • The centre NV button changes the reticle colour between red and green.
  • Metal protective lens hood is removable with 3 allen screws
  • Easy assembly on your 20mm scope rail.
  • Fits virtually all AEGs with a 20mm rail mount.
  • Both horizontal and vertical adjustments for zeroing the reticle are located on the right side of the unit.
  • Reticle flashes when low on power, and the unit shuts off after 2 hours automatically.
  • Another high quality optic as we have come to expect from Strike.
  • Desert Tan in colour.

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