Tokyo Marui Charger For MP7/USP/93R - (100V-240V)

SKU 4952839175786
  • This is Marui's new charger for the now smaller MP7 500mAh Micro battery. This same battery is also used in the 93R and USP AEP models, so now only one charger is required for all models.
  • This new charger no longer accepts the older full sized 700mAh MP7 batteries.
  • This is a Japan / USA type 2 prong plug charger.
  • The MP7/93R/USP battery is available here.
  • 100V-240V.
  • If you want to use this charger here in Ireland or the UK, you must puchase a standard 2 prong shaver adapter, available in many stores.

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