Tokyo Marui HI-CAPA 5.1 - Gold Match

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  • The Gold Match is Marui's new and improved version of its standard Hi-Capa 5.1.
  • The most obvious changes to the pistol are the new gold-coloured parts, which in include the flared barrel, safety levers, grips screws, hammer and trigger.
  • With a lighter ported slide, new recoil rod buffer and enhanced barrel/hop design, the pistol performs better than ever.
  • The frame now has an integrated rail system, unlike the standard Hi-Capa that requires the attachment of the rail separately.
  • The slide release has been extended allowing it to be manipulated without changing your grip on the pistol.
  • Primarily made with high quality heavyweight ABS, but also features a full metal frame. The frame is slightly longer than the standard model and sports a uniquely designed cut-off shape.
  • The many other metal parts include guide rod, hammer, adjustable rear sight, front sight, magazine release and magazine. 
  • Semi-automatic blowback operation.
  • Working safety that prevents trigger pull and slide movement.
  • Magazine holds 31 rounds and a massive amount of gas; good for 40-50 shots at 20°C+. Takes standard Hi-Capa magazines.
  • Takes standard 134a or green gas.
  • Adjustable hop-up system. 
  • Single action trigger.
  • The popularity of this pistol is down to its high accuracy and suitability for competition shooting. The large magwell allows for fast reloads and the blowback is crisp and smooth. There is also a huge amount of aftermarket parts available, allowing owners to fully customize the Hi-Capa to their own tastes and requirements. Standard Hi-Capa parts are interchangeable with this model.
  • Fires at: 320fps
  • Weighs: 895g
  • Length: 222mm 

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