Tokyo Marui MP7A1 - Tan

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  • Without a doubt the most sought after electric MP7 on the airsoft market.
  • Based upon the renowned MP7A1 model, as used by many security and police forces, including Ireland's Gardaí.
  • Tan in colour.
  • In typical Marui fashion, this machine pistol is extremely well made with high quality materials used throughout and fantastic accuracy out of the box.
  • Primarily made from a high quality ABS plastic, which mimic the polymer of the real-steel, with lots of metal parts.
  • Very solid with a nice weight for a relatively small machine pistol, coming in at 1.7kg.
  • Metal parts include the barrel, trigger, selectors, front and rear sight and 20mm rails.
  • Authentic weight and size as the real model.
  • Pulling back on the charging handle opens the ejection port, exposing the adjustable hop-up unit.
  • Selectable safe, semi and fully automatic fire.
  • Features a great rate of fire, well over 600rpm.
  • A fully retractable stock allows you to make the MP7 much shorter in just a matter of seconds. 
  • Includes a 50 round low-capacity magazine, additional magazines available here.
  • 190rd High capacity winding magazines available here.
  • 100rd Midcap magazines available here.
  • A fantastic secondary weapon for snipers.
  • Note: The Marui MP7 AEP does not include a battery or charger. You can use one of three kinds of battery:
  • 1. 7.2V 500mAh NIMH AEP battery. See here. Average rate of fire and trigger response. Choose ASG or Marui brands. Requires use of the adapter included in the box with the MP7. Requires the Marui AEP charger here, or the CYMA charger here. These are the batteries for which the Marui MP7 are designed to use.
  • 2. 7.4V 600mAh Li-Po battery. See here. Superior rate of fire and trigger response. Requires use of the adapter included in the box with the MP7. Requires a Li-Po charger here. Occasional blown fuses are not uncommon using this higher power battery, have some spare. As with all Li-Pos, do not run them down to 0% or risk damaging the battery!
  • 3. 7.2V 700mAh NIMH AEP battery (quite hard to find these days, not stocked by us).
  • Fires at: 260fps
  • Weighs: 1690g
  • Length: 385mm
  • Battery & charger: Not included

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