ULTIMATE Anti Reversal Latch - V.2/3

by ASG
SKU 19538
  • Protect your AEGs motor and gears with the new ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series Anti Reversal Latch.
  • The ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series CNC engineered Anti Reversal Latch is an expertly crafted component.
  • This durable Anti Reversal Latch is crafted from a combination of high grade ball bearing steel and aluminium alloy with a high grade wire spring, creating a durable and long lasting component that prevents the gears in an AEG gearbox rotating backwards.
  • This superior quality Anti Reversal latch eliminates the possibility of backwards movement of the gear assembly during automatic fire in an AEG. With high performance and high speed AEG builds, this component is prone to wear and softer, standard models may need regular maintenance and replacement.
  • The ASG ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series Anti Reversal Latch is engineered to have a harder shaft than many ARLs, thus ensuring tight engagement, the prevention of ‘idling’ and therefore minimises potential damage to the piston. This increased material hardness combined with the close meshing of the bearing steel shaft and catch results in a resilient Anti Reversal Latch with a longer lifespan than most. In addition, the high quality ‘piano wire’ spring has a superior resilience to inferior wire springs ensuring that the ‘rebound speed’ of the latch is sufficient to properly engage with the bevel gear every time.
  • ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series gearbox parts are designed to give the best possible fit and durability and have been rigorously tested over thousands of high speed cycles using various spring strengths and gear ratios to ensure they will handle even the most extreme use.
  • For this reason, we recommend always using ULTIMATE® gearbox parts and not combining or mixing with other upgrade parts as this can affect the result and performance of the upgrade.
  • This latch is suitable for version 2/3 gearboxes.

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