Ultrair Power Gas - No Silicone - 570ml

by Ultrair
SKU 14571
  • Our most popular gas, suitable for all in-store pistols.
  • Large 570ml canister.
  • Commonly known as "green gas".
  • Refined propane. Silicone free formula.
  • For use in virtually all GBB pistols and gas rifles.
  • Best used in temperatures over 10*C.
  • The benefits of silicone-free green gas is a dryer formulation, resulting in more consistency and accuracy, notably with gas blowback rifles (GBBRs). As no silicone is released with each shot, you maintain a cleaner and oil free hop-up unit, rubber and barrel for longer. 
  • The gas being released with each shot is also more consistent in volume, which generates a more stable pressure behind each BB being propelled down the barrel.
  • The downside is you need to maintain your gas pistol or rifle that bit more with separate silicone products, which frankly is recommended regardless. There is also no lubrication properties for magazine seals, again its recommended to lubricate release and fill valve periodically with silicone oil like the Abbey Dropper Oil 35ml.
  • Produces approx 285fps with a 0.2g BB with a TM HK45 at 19°C.
  • We are unable to ship gas outside of the EU.

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