Abbey Brut Sniper Gas - 700ml

by Abbey
SKU gas_abbeybrut
  • Abbey's brand new Brut gas, now available in Ireland.
  • Essentially Abbey's standard green gas formulation (propane) but with no silicone lubricant added.
  • This dry formulation makes it perfect for use in fully automatic GBB rifles, submachine guns and pistols, where the constant flow of silicone being released from standard green gas saturates the hop-up unit causing erratic  shooting. 
  • Advertised as being slightly more powerful than green gas. However in our tests with a Marui P226, performance gains are virtually negligible. The main advantage of this gas is the lack of silicone which, depending on its application, gives better performance in most automatic GBB airsoft guns.
  • Also performs marginally better than silicone impregnated green gas in colder conditions.
  • Comes in a large 700ml canister.
  • Commonly known as "green gas", which is refined propane.
  • For use in virtually all GBB pistols and gas rifles.
  • Best used in temperatures over 10*C.

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