Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Magnum Shell

SKU 26590
  • The 40 Mike is the MOST POWERFUL 40mm gas shell ever made! 
  • It features an unparalleled 100ft range, 150BB capacity, and fires every shot at 240fps - using our patented Quantum Drive Technology - with the highest energy output ever seen in a 40mm gas shell.
  • The 40 Mike massively outperforms every other bb shower shell on the market.
  • Get a 3 meter spread at 30 meters! Experience how dominant you can be when you put ballistics first!
  • Hit 'em hard and hit em 150 times. The 40 Mike is easy to load and easy to fire, so you can put the maximum number of BBs downrange.
  • Fires 150 BBs in 1/3 of a second and hits with so much energy that we guarantee they'll call their hits!
  • This product fires many projectiles at considerable muzzle energy and at a high rate of fire.
  • Full face protection is recommended for all players when playing airsoft.
  • This product is intended for longer ranged fire. It should not be used to fire upon players closer than 30 feet(10 metres). 
  • It should also not be intentionally aimed at another players head.
  • Disarm your 40 Mike by removing it from your launcher and affixing it's firing pin cover.

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