Airsoft Systems 85rd Magazine Box Of 5 - Black

SKU 19436
  • 5 high quality ABS M4/M16 magazines from Airsoft Systems with an 85rd capacity.
  • Perfect for mil-sim skirmishes or games with BB limits.
  • High quality, tough ABS plastic construction with a matt black finish.
  • These magazines should fit into most popular brands of M4/M16 AEG's. 
  • The external geometry is made to be true to the original design, however they may be tight to insert in some airsoft replicas.
  • If they fail to lock into place the magazine does have a cross section that can cut away for better fitment.
  • ABS construction means you can cut down on the weight of your rifle and carried gear.
  • Consider a loading tool like this.
  • Note: As with all mid-caps, these magazines need high quality, polished BBs to feed flawlessly. We strongly recommend against using bio BBs or any other low quality brand.
  • Magpuls sold separately.

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