APS Smart Shot Mini Launcher, Shells & Charger

by APS
  • APS have released a complete mini launcher kit with everything you need to get started.
  • This set allows you to load a single APS Smart CAM CO2 shell cartridge into a small launcher which can be mounted onto a standard 20mm rail or most pistol rails.
  • You can clear out a small room of enemies with this as it sprays out a blast of BB's from the shell in a small functional package!
  • Constructed out of quality polymer which makes it light yet durable for regular skirmishing.
  • Easy to operate with a built in safety switch and features a quick release function with QD mount button.
  • Designed for 6mm BBs and each shell can support up to 12 BBs.
  • Includes CO2 charging tool to charge with CO2 and belt mount to make it easier to carry around.
  • Note that the charging tool is only compatible with the larger 88g CO2 capsules. Green gas can be used either, but results in lower power output.
  • We recommend a thick silicone grease to maintain the shells, as the fill valves can occasionally leak a small amount, the silicone grease seals them right up.

    Items included:
    1x Smart Shot Launcher
    2x A.P.S. Co2 Cartridge Shell
    x10 Wad & Sealing Paper
    1x Paintball cylinder adapter
    1x Belt Loop

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