*B-GRADE* Tokyo Marui EG30000 High Cycle Motor - Long Type

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  • *B Grade condition* -  light cosmetic install marks on motor case and top of rotor gear, functions perfectly.
  • A note on grades:
  • A-Grade: Item is as new, fully packaged, typically customer return for unwanted item returned within 14 days. May have barely perceivable wear mark(s) on product or packaging.
  • B-Grade: Item returned by customer, typically within 1-4 weeks of ownership, typically close to new condition but may have damaged packaging or few usage marks. Works as intended.
  • C-Grade: Item does not function as intended, may or may not come with packaging, often items in this condition are suitable for parts, props or repair.
  • Tokyo Marui EG30000 HC motor.
  • The EG30000 motor is Marui's highest rate of fire model and is used in all their High Cycle AEGs. This long-type motor is for use in M4/SCAR/MP5 models.
  • High quality Japanese engineering.
  • Retail packaged.

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