Birchwood Casey Shoot N C - Bull's Eye Assortment

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  • With These Shoot N C targets, BB holes are revealed with bright chartreuse rings, providing you with instant feedback and elimination the need to walk downrange to check your shoots.
  • Self adhesive backing makes targets easy to put up and they come with repair pasters to cover up holes for longer target life.
  • Instant feedback- no need to walk downrange.
  • Perfect for airsoft and firearms.
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use and low light conditions.
  • Includes repair pasters to cover the holes and lenghten target life.
  • This pack contains
- 5 X 8" Bull's Eyes targets
- 5 X 5.5" Bull's Eyes targets
- 10 X 3" Bull's Eyes targets
- 30 X 2" Bull's Eyes targets
- 50 X 1" Bull's Eyes targets
- Plus many repair pasters.


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