Condor 2.5 Litre Hydration Bladder

by Condor
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SKU 221032
  • A high quality hydration pack from the well known brand Condor that holds 2.5 litres of fluid.
  • The bladder capacity is 2.5 litres (85 oz)
  • Comes with a durable carry handle and easy to grip screw top cap.
  • With the large scre cap it is easy to fill and clean.
  • Large bite valve with lid with practical flow shut-off switch.
  • Hanger slots for mounting and drying.
  • Highly flexible PVC hose with soft insulation sleeve
  • Tube length: 45.3" (115cm)
  • External dimensions (empty): 7.1"x17.3" (18x44cm)
  • Weight: 220g

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