Chiappa Rhino 50DS Co2 Revolver - Silver

by Chiappa
SKU 33177
    • Officially licensed airsoft revolver by Chiappa Firearms.
    • Each model has it's own unique serial number.
    • This is the high polish silver version which looks fantastic.
    • An exact replica of the Rhino 50DS Revolver with authentic trademarks.
    • Rugged full metal body matches the weight of the real Chiappa Rhino Revolver.
    • Unlike other revolvers, the Chiappa Rhino's barrel aligns with the cylinder.
    • Low-profile hammer is a working cocking device, the hammer does not cycle when firing.
    • Cocking device also has indicator to show if pistol is cocked or not.
    • Can be fired in both double or single action.
    • Built-in accessory Picatinny rail for mounting flashlights or lasers.
    • Uses standard 12g CO2 cartridges inside the grip.
    • The revolver ships with six full-sized metal shells which are completely removable, also compatible with Dan Wesson shells. Each shell holds a single BB.
    • Pistol Grip has a built in hex key used to loosen and tighten CO2 catridge.
    • Simply undo the cartridge screw, insert a 12g cartridge and tighten the screw to break the seal. The pistol is then ready to shoot.
    • Coming in at 1.2kg, the pistol has a very impressive weight.
    • The grip has an ergonomic shape making it a comfortable pistol to shoot.
    • A fantastic pistol for the collectors.
    • Note: The Rhinos are a large, heavy pistol and the lightweight plastic tray inside the box that holds the pistol can crack in transit; unfortunately this is the norm. However we pack the pistols well and it will arrive in perfect condition.
    • Fires at: 240fps
    • Weighs: 1.205g
    • Length: 240mm

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