Vorsk Hi-Capa 5.1 Split Slide with Dot Sight - Black

by Vorsk
SKU 32407
  • VORSK have built on the success of their Hi-Capa series with the introduction of the new 5.1 Hi-Capa Split-Slide models. 
  • The already iconic look of the VORSK Hi-Capas, with their rail-cut outs and grooved top rail, leading to a reduced slide weight, excellent grip, snappy trigger response and memorable looks have been further advanced with the introduction of a split slide.
  • The split slide design improves the performance levels of the Hi-Capa series by reducing the weight of the moving slide, which in-turn increases the trigger response.
  • In addition to this, the forward slide section has been redesigned to incorporate a top rail, allowing customers to fit Sights/ Optics to the stationary slide for excellent target acquisition. 
  • A micro Dot sight is included with this pistol.
  • All of these changes result in an improved targeting & firing experience, all whilst maintaining VORSKs fierce & dramatic styling.
  • 6.03 inner barrel, 113mm in length.
  • Includes a Vorsk patch, collectible stainless steel serial numbered dog tags, spare parts kit and a battery for the included dot sight.
  • Fires at: 325fps
  • Weighs: 900g

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