Dogcom 7.4V 680mAh Li-Po for MP7/18C AEP

by Dogcom
SKU bat_74v680lipo
  • Dogcom have produced this fantastic little Li-Po battery for use in any gun that accepts the standard 500mAh AEP NIMH battery.
  • So it fits the likes of the Marui MP7(with the EX adapter), CYMA 18C AEPs etc.
  • It has a single balance lead for charging, so make sure your charger has the ability to charge with just a balance lead.
  • 680mAh capacity with a 20C rating.
  • 12 x 18 x 85 mm in size.
Li-Po/Li-Fe battery warning: Always charge your Li-Po/Li-Fe battery in a fireproof bag. Charge your Li-Po/Li-Fe battery on a hard, solid surface and away from other electronic devices. Only use a Li-Po/Li-Fe battery charger and never leave a battery unattended, even in another room.

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