Evolution Electronic Trigger System (E.T.S.) & Oversized Mosfet Unit - Ver 2 Gearbox

  • Electronuc Trigger System Specs:
  • Programmable burst 1-250 shots.
  • Digital trigger switch.
  • Digital cut-off sensor.
  • Digital safety.
  • Shortened trigger stroke.
  • Operating tension 7.4V – 14.8V.
  • Programmable Li-Po protection function 2-3-4 CELLS.
  • Compatible with any mosfet.
  • Oversized Mosfet Unit™ specs:
  • Higerrate of fire.
  • Faster trigger response.
  • Prevents batteries from being drained.
  • Over engineered mosfet unit.
  • Compact size, can even be installed in some gearboxes.
  • Drop in installation into most ver 2 gearboxes.
  • Designed and made in Italy.
  • Installation of this product requires know how and skill. Advanced users only, soldering required. Please watch the video below.

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