FMA MBUS Gen. 2 Foldable Sight - Foliage Green

by FMA
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SKU ris_fmafbussightfg
  • This kit includes front and rear PTS FBUS sights from FMA which are a clone of the MAGPUL MBUS Gen. 2 sights.
  • The sights are made from impact resistant polymer which makes them durable, whilst still remaining lightweight.
  • The flip up design can be easily activated by the release lever on either side or by pressing down on the top of the sight.
  • The sights can be folded down and locked flat against the rail, allowing the use of a powered optic at the same time which clears the top of the sights.
  • Adjustable for windage and elevation on both the front and rear sight.
  • Mounts to any 20mm rails system.
  • Foliage green in colour.


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