FMA Norotos Helmet Mount Pvs 15/18 NVG BK

by FMA
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  • A top quality metal NV mount from FMA, weighing in at 190g.
  • Fully adjustable range of travel thanks to a ratcheting slider system. You can also rotate your NV goggles 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees.
  • Hinged design allows the goggles to be lifted upwards out of the wearers field of view.
  • Features a fine vertical adjustment knob for perfect positioning in front of the eyes.
  • Mounting plate sports three mounting positions for user preference in vertical positioning.
  • "Force-to-overcome" feature is present on the rotating mode and stow mode of the mount.
  • What this means is with a hard twist, you can rotate the goggles out of the way without activating any buttons or levers. This also works on the stow mode, pushing up hard on the goggles will hinge the mount upwards and out of the way, locking it in place.
  • An incredibly stable platform for your NV goggle system.
  • Suitable for PVS15 / PVS18 / PVS31 / GPNVG18 goggles.
  • TB606

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