FMA SI-Ballistic Goggles with Fan - Black

by FMA
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  • These USMC-style goggles from FMA are unique in that they have an in-built fan in the side of the frame. They also ship with TWO lenses, a smoked lens and clear lens, soft cleaning cloth and a very cool hard carry case.
  • The fan pulls cool air from outside the goggles, across the inside of the lens and exhausts it from the opposite side.
  • This keeps the lens free of fog, giving maximum visibility.
  • Powered by a single AA battery, stored in a small compartment attached to the elasticated strap. 
  • The fan has two speeds; normal and turbo. You can switch between these two modes and "off" by pressing on the single switch, one press at a time.
  • The goggles are loosely based on standard issue USMC goggles and are available in black and tan.
  • Tough polycarbonate lens offers great protection from BB hits. As mentioned above, two lenses are included. These are easily installed and a removed from the soft, flexible frame.
  • A thick, strong, elasticated strap keeps the goggles comfortably positioned and is adjustable for most sizes. The strap is quite large as it is designed to be pulled over a helmet. The strap can be shortened by a certain amount, but will not fit directly onto small/medium sized heads without bundling some of the strap with a tie wrap or similar.
  • Black in colour.
  • Note: In turbo mode, some electronic whine may be detectable with certain brands of battery, but is barely audible.

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