FN M249 Para Sports Line AEG - Battery & Charger Included

by FN
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  • A great M249 replica, this model features a predominantly tough nylon body, but still weighs in at a hefty 3.65kg!
  • Still features many metal parts including the carry handle, safety, trigger, sling loops on the stock, bipod swivel, receiver pins and of course the gearbox.
  • What also sets this gun apart is its V2 gearbox witha quick change spring system; easy to work on and perfect for upgrades.
  • Features a multitude of 20mm rails on the top, left and right side of the gun for attaching all manner of 20mm accessories.
  • Sports an integrated bipod that can be folded and locked away underneath the front handguard.
  • The metal carry handle can be folded to one side to allow proper aiming down the sights.
  • The V2 gearbox has a quick change spring allowing spring changes in a matter of seconds.
  • The trigger repsonse is very snappy and short, even with the 9.6V battery included with the gun.
  • A very respectable rate of fire, we measured 1150 BBs per minute, which equates to 19 BBs a second!
  • Includes a standard 300rd M4/M16 metal magazine. Accepts any standard M4 magazines.
  • Includes a 9.6v proprietary battery which mounts behind the gearbox. Also includes a basic 300mAh non-smart charger.
  • A small 7.4V Li-Po could be used either.
  • The stock needs to be installed by the user with the simple insertion of two pins.
  • Note: The free battery and charger are not covered under warranty and we recommend replacing them with higher quality items. The charger is not a smart charger and should be unplugged after the 4 hour charge time or else damage can occur.
    Fires at: 310fps
    Weighs: 3.69kg
    Length: 930mm
    Battery: 9.6V proprietary battery (included)
    Charger: 300mAh non-smart charger (included)

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