G&G 22 Carat Gold GKM (AKM)

by G&G
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  • Special order only - Contact us.
  • An exquisite collectors piece from G&G, limited to 500 units worldwide.
  • This based on G&G's standard GKM rifle, with a stunning 22 Carat gold finish. It ships with a hollowed wooden handguard and a single wooden handguard with inbuilt 11.1V Li-Po battery like the regular GKM.
  • To top this off, it ships in a fabulous wooden case with a laser-cut foam inlay with a red velvet lining and a signed card of authenticity.
  • The most commonly used rifle in the world today, the AKM rifle is replicated by G&G perfectly in the form of their GKM. Real wood used throughout with heavy metal construction.
  • Made primarily from metal and real wood, this rifle has a great weight, coming in at 3.59kg; exactly the same weight as the real steel with a fully loaded magazine.
  • Features G&G's pneumatic blowback system which blows the bolt back with every shot. The pneumatic system offers improved reliability due to less stress on the gears, motor and piston compared to other blowback systems. There's a great metal "clank" to the bolt as it cycles forwards and backwards and actually offers a small element of recoil unlike most blowback models.
  • The entire upper and lower receiver are made from metal giving it a hugely realistic look and feel. The lower receiver has the correct laser-engraved Russian selector markings.
  • As mentioned above, the handguard, pistol grip and stock are made from real wood and the finish is just incredible. The wood has been treated with a light varnish to preserve the finish and enhance shine. Remove the metal stock end plate and smell the glorious untreated wood inside.
  • Includes a high capacity 600rd metal magazine.
  • Everything else on the outside of this rifle is metal including the barrel, flash hider, upper and lower receiver, magazine release, selector, charging handle, side rail, gas tube assembly, trigger and bolt cover.
  • The rifle ships with a single wooden handguard which houses an 11.1V 1100mAh Li-Po battery. An included battery adapter cable allows you to charge the handguard battery with a standard Li-Po charger (not included). The 1100mAh batteries are easily accessed with just the removal of two screws and aftermarket batteries can be retro-fitted in the future if required.
  • Features G&G's reliable V3 gearbox with 8mm metal bushings, ported piston head and metal guide rod.
  • The top cover is removable via the latch at the rear.
  • The left side of the lower receiver has the AKM's proprietary rail mount for attaching scopes/other rail systems.
  • Sports a massive 470mm inner barrel.
  • Adjustable hop-up behind moveable bolt.
  • Metal front and rear sling attachments.
  • Very smooth operation coupled with a very high rate of fire!
  • 1000 high quality G&G 0.2g BBs are included.
  • Fires at: 310fps
  • Weighs: 3.59kg
  • Length: 920mm
  • Battery: 11.1V Li-Po 1300mAh (included)
  • Charger: Not included

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