G&G AR15 SP223 SBR8 - Black

by G&G
SKU 27343
  • The Seekins Precision SP223 featuring a custom tuned G&G G2 gearbox raises the bar on "Out-of-the-Box performance" in every way possible.
  • This is the black model with black coloured grip and stock.
  • Sports a CNC machined aluminum alloy Seekins Precision licensed SBR8 keymod handguard, SP223 upper receiver, and SP223 lower receiver.
  • The outer barrel is complete with a satin silver finish and measures 450mm in length!
  • The Keymod handguard measures 380mm in length.
  • Selectable safe, semi and fully automatic fire.
  • EMG has partnered with Seekins Precision and Airsoft manufacturing powerhouse G&G Armament to bring to the market, the first and only officially licensed Seekins Precision AR15 training AEG.
  • EMG worked closely with the staff at Seekins to make sure that all the details, down to the finest markings were accurately reproduced in this full size AEG rifle.
  • Like it's steel family member, the EMG Seekins receiver is CNC machined from a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy, keeping weight down, but providing the user with the unmistakable feel of a Seekins Precision SP223 billet receiver.
  • The forward portion of the EMG Seekins rifle features a perfect replica of the Seekins Precision SBR8 Keymod rail.
  • Built 100% from the original blueprints, EMG's SBR8 rail is painstakingly machined from aluminum alloy to accurately reflect the weight and feel of the real thing.
  • In the pursuit of performance befitting to the prestige of a Seekins product, the G2 gearbox boasts ultra-smooth 8mm bearings, full steel teeth piston, double O-ring aluminum nozzle and cylinder head, short stroked gear set, newly designed mosfet with precision tuned ETU, and a quick change spring guide all housed in a heavily reinforced, redesigned gearbox shell.
  • Powering this finely crafted gearbox is a super torque 25,000 rpm neodymium magnet motor for consistent performance.
  • Raising the bar further is G&G's fire cutoff system which stops the gun from dry-firing once a magazine has been emptied, further adding to the training aspect of this platform as well as giving the player a slight edge over standard AEG's by letting them know to reload.
  • All of which is housed in a masterfully crafted CNC machined receiver and handguard set where the quality rivals even some of the best boutique aftermarket receivers; its fit and finish holds true to the standards set forth by EMG and Seekins Precision.
  • Full length top rail provides vast amounts of real estate to mount optics and other accessories.
  • Ambidextrous Seekins Precision selector switch, ambidextrous sling plate, ambidextrous charging handle, and ergonomic motor grip.
  • Note: Preferably new or nearly new, freshly charged batteries are recommended for use with this gun, to optimise the performance of semi-automatic. Using old, weak or low charged batteries will result in slow, or erratic (multiple shots) shooting or potentially no power at all.

    • Fires at: 300fps
    • Weighs: 4.1kg
    • Length: 880-970mm
    • Battery: 7.4V/9.6V/11.1V 1300-1600mAh double stick (11.1V for predominately semi fire use only) (not included)
      Charger: Not included

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