G&G Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU) - Ver 2 gearbox (Rear Wired)

by G&G
SKU G-11-137 / 26710
  • A great value electronic trigger switch from G&G
  • Now standard in many of G&G's AEGs, you can now purchase this ETU separately to replace your original version 2 contact-based switch.
  • Simply unscrew your original trigger switch and replace with this combined ETU and wire harness.
  • Programmable full auto or three round burst.
  • Compatible with any M4 variant from G&G. Also compatible with most other V2 gearboxes. Slight adjustments may be required to gearbox casing/selector plate on other brands of AEG.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Includes:
  • Electronic trigger unit
  • G&G trigger
  • V2 M4/M16 selector plate
  • Fused MOSFET and battery wire harness
  • Motor wire harness
  • Shrink wrap for MOSFET
  • Installation leaflet
We are unable to warrant any user damage caused to any part of the unit, through poor installation or misuse.

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