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  • The GK5C GL is G&G's internal model designation for it's replica of the Bofors AK5C assault rifle, standard issue to the Swedish defence forces. Highly unique in colour, ergonomics and size.
  • Made primarily from metal, this rifle has a tremendous weight, coming in at a collosal 4.09kg with no battery installed; that's 90g heavier than the real rifle unloaded!
  • A non-blowback model, which is probably a good thing as the bolt is extremely heavy and realistic!
  • The charging handle has an extremely long travel; it pulls back a full 14cm from front to back. It returns backwards after being pulled and stops halfway. Pressing on the bolt catch on the opposite side of the rifle snaps the bolt shut.
  • There's a great metal "clank" to the bolt as it cycles forwards and backwards.
  • The entire upper and lower receiver are made from metal, which contributes to the rifle's significant weight and realistic feel.
  • The handguard, pistol grip and stock are all high quality ABS, finished in a medium/dark olive drab colour.
  • Includes a high capacity 330rd high capacity waffle-style magazine. Additional magazines available here.
  • The stock on the GK5C is completely unique to this rifle. A clever locking mechanism allows the stock to be positioned in up to 8 different locations and extends from 180mm out to 240mm. It also features a rubberised cheekpiece for comfortable shooting. An additional feature is the ability to fold the stock to the right side of the rifle, automatically locking in place.
  • Metal parts are abundant on this rifle and include the large gas tube, barrel, flash hider, magazine release, front and rear sight, 20mm top rail and 20mm side rails, stock rail, selector, charging handle and bolt cover.
  • The top rail is a massive 270mm long and accepts all 20mm dot sights and mounts. A similar 240mm rail is located under the handguard. All rails are finished in a cool metallic brown colour and match the side rails forward of the handguard. Four removable rails covers are included.
  • The handguard is separated into two parts; the left and right side. The right side is removed by pressing in on the black tab embedded in the handguard. Battery fitment is tight and will only accept 7.4V Li-Po stick batteries like these
  • Both sights are fully adjustable for windage and elevation.
  • Sports a 355mm inner barrel.
  • Adjustable hop-up behind moveable bolt.
  • Fires at: 310fps
  • Weighs: 4.09kg
  • Length: 845-905mm
  • Battery: 7.4V 1300-2600mAh stick battery (not included)
  • Charger: Not included

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