G&G Goggle Turbo Fan Kit

by G&G
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  • A very cool little piece of kit that can be retrofitted to many different brands of protective goggles.
  • The kit consists of a small 25mm ventilation fan, mounting bracket, battery box/switch, elastic strap, cable ties and wiring kit.
  • The fan comes installed in the mounting bracket, which can be screwed or tied into the top of most large USMC/SWAT style goggles. The bracket is normally wider than the thickness of the top of the goggles, so some cutting may be required.
  • Simply mount the battery box with the included elastic strap on the back of your head, on the goggles strap.
  • Run the wires to the wires on the fan (bare ends, soldering/connecting required) and hitting the switch on the battery box activates the fan.
  • The fan constantly blows air through the goggles, preventing the goggles from fogging up.
  • Works fantastically well!
  • x2 AAA batteries required.

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