G&G L85 AFV ETU Rifle

by G&G
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  • The all new L85 model from G&G, with electronic trigger switch for lighting fast trigger response!
  • This is the shorter AFV variant of the L85 ETU, which is perfect for CQB, whilst still retaining excellent range with its longer barrel in a compact rifle.
  • The AFV includes a G&G SUSAT scope in the box, so no need for an after-market scope!
  • This latest generation continues to be a mirror image of the real thing, both in terms of dimensions and weight.
  • Made primarily from metal, this rifle has a tremendous weight despite its relatively compact size, coming in at 3.15kg with no battery installed or scope attached.
  • The ever-popular electronic trigger unit, or ETU, which has been utilised in much of G&G's lineup in the last two years has made its way to the L85 range, which allows for a super fast trigger response.
  • Features G&G's pneumatic blowback system which blows the bolt back with every shot. The pneumatic system offers improved reliability due to less stress on the gears, motor and piston compared to other blowback systems. There's a great metal "clank" to the bolt as it cycles forwards and backwards and actually offers a small element of recoil unlike most blowback models.
  • The entire upper and lower receiver are made from metal, which contributes to the rifles significant weight and realistic feel.
  • The handguard, pistol grip and cheekpiece are all high quality ABS, finished in a medium/dark olive drab colour.
  • Includes a high capacity 450rd metal magazine. Takes standard M4/M16 magazines from most manufacturers.
  • Other metal parts include the barrel, flash hider, magazine well and release, selector, charging handle and bolt cover.
  • The battery is stored inside the upper receiver; to install, flip open the steel plate on the top of the rifle, loosen the flat head screw and pull the RIS handguard/barrel assembly away from the rifle, allowing insertion of the battery.
  • Features G&G's unique SA80 gearbox based loosely upon the V6 design. Has a standard shape long axle motor.
  • Easy disassembly body, upper and lower receivers separate with minimal effort.
  • Sports white stamped L85 markings on the right side of the lower receiver, above the magazine well.
  • The bullpup design allows for a large 310mm barrel in a gun measuring only 585mm long.
  • Sports a 6.04mm inner barrel.
  • Adjustable hop-up behind moveable bolt.
  • Metal front and rear sling attachments.
  • Very smooth operation coupled with a very high rate of fire!
  • 1000 high quality G&G 0.2g BBs are included.
  • Product code: TGL-L85-AFE-BBB-NCM.
  • These 1 joule versions are only suitable with 7.4v Li-Po batteries. They are not able to take 11.1v! 
  • Fires at: 305-310fps
  • Weighs: 3.15kg
  • Length: 585mm
  • Battery: 7.4V Li-Po stick (not included)
  • Charger: Not included

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