G&G Midnight Hawk Tracer Unit - Tan

by G&G
SKU G-01-048-1
  • This is the tan coloured tracer unit.
  • This is the much acclaimed rechargeable tracer unit from G&G.
  • Outer shell and end cap is of metal construction, with a quality black powdercoated finish.
  • Internals are made from sturdy ABS, which also houses the li-po battery and LEDs.
  • Features an on/off switch with integrated LED at the rear of the unit for ease of use. This LED has several indication modes: Red indicates the battery is being charged, flashing red indicates the battery is critically low, green indicates the battery is fully charged, and green indicates the battery is fully charged/in standby mode. 
  • Included charger is rated at 500mAh and charges the 2200mAh 3.7v battery in approx 4.5 hours. It also has in-built overcharge and discharge protection.
    Once fully charged, the tracer unit can be powered on for approx 4 hours of use. Charger plugs directly into the rear of the tracer unit.
  • The internals unscrew from the outer shell and feature strobe effect UV LEDS for optimal brightness.
  • The tracer unit operates by detecting the movement of a BB though the unit, and activating the high intensity UV LEDs for a split second, illuminating the tracer BB as it passes though.
  • Tracer unit features counter-clockwise threads (14mm) for attachment to virtually all AEGs.
  • Tracer BBs available in our BBs & Gas section.
  • Tan in colour.

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