G&G S.O.C. 16 - ETU

by G&G
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  • This is G&G's SOC 16 model. Short for SOCOM 16, this is a modern variant of the famous M14 rifle, chambered in 7.62mm. The "16" refers to the length of the barrel, 16 inches.
  • This is the latest model from G&G with the ETU, electronic control unit. This replaces the older style trigger switch you typically find in most M14s, giving the rifle fantastic trigger response.
  • Built with strict quality control which G&G are famous for, in their new facilities in Changhua County, Taiwan.
  • The SOC16 is a surprisingly heavy piece considering its relatively short overall length (3.61kg) and feels solid in the hand as a result.
  • The stock is made from quality high impact ABS with a textured feel. The same material is used for the top section of the heatshield on the barrel.
  • Metal parts are abundant, including the barrel and lower gas tube, 20mm scope mount, entire upper receiver and bolt assembly, front and rear sling mount, magazine, trigger, safety catch, charging handle, magazine release and selector.
  • Massive high-capacity 470rd metal magazine included. Takes Classic Army/G&G M14 magazines, NOT the Marui magazine standard.
  • Adjustable hop-up unit located behind the bolt's dust cover.
  • A 20mm rail mount is located towards the front of the rifle, allowing the attachment of any 20mm accessory, including red dot optics or a telescopic scope.
  • Rear sight is located on the upper receiver and is fully adjustable,
  • Working charging handle that can be pulled backwards and released, exposing the hop-up adjustment.
  • Inner barrel has a 6.08mm inner diameter and 420mm length.
  • Has a very respectable range and rate of fire.
  • Up to a large type battery can be accommodated inside the solid stock. Access is through a metal door on the baseplate of the stock and the power harness has a large Tamiya connector.
  • Traditional twist-style selector is located on the right side of the rifle. 
  • Sports a shortened ported flash hider which gives this M14 variant stand out. Also features authentic looking laser engravings on the upper receiver, showing "U.S. RIFLE, 7.62MM M14".
  • 1000 high quality G&G 0.2g BBs are included.
  • A unique looking M14 variant, which is very usable in both outdoor and CQB skirmishes alike.
  •  Recommended battery can be found here, recommended charger can be found here. A Small-Large adapter may be needed if you use a small type battery.

  • Fires at: 310fps
  • Weighs: 3610g
  • Length: 940mm
  • Battery: 8.4V/9.6V 1600-5000mAh large-type (not included)
  • Charger: Not included

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