G&G SG550 Rifle

by G&G
SKU aeg_gg550
  • A highly realistic replica of the SG550 assault rifle, standard issue to the Swiss Armed Forces. A very large, heavy, imposing rifle from G&G, measuring over 1 metre long when fully extended.
  • Upper and lower receiver are of full metal construction.
  • Other metal parts include the barrel and flash hider, front sight and rear sight towers, bolt catch, 20mm upper receiver, lower handguard and side guard accessory rails, bolt cover, trigger, charging handle, trigger guard, magazine release and selector.
  • Low capacity 30rd magazine with dummy rounds looks fantastic! The follower of the magazine also feeds up into the hop-up chamber so every BB in the magazine is fired.
  • Adjustable wheel-based hop-up unit located behind the dust cover. 
  • Working charging handle that can be pulled backwards and released. Pushing in on the bolt catch at the same time locks the bolt cover open. Pressing the bolt catch releases it with a realistic "clank". Rubber dust flaps are located at the rear-most travel of the charging handle, just like the real steel.
  • A large metal bipod is integrated into the lower section of the handguard and is foldable against the underside.
  • Has exceptional range thanks to the very long barrel.
  • An 8.4V stick-type battery is required and is housed inside the handguard, however the AEG sports a large fixed-block connector which would require one of our large female tamiya connectors to be added to the battery. A large Tamiya can be added to a battery free of charge. 9.6V stick-type or 7.4V Li-Po batteries can be accomodated with small modifications to the inside of the handguard.
  • Folding stock is textured and feels great to the touch. It can  clip to the right side of the AEG and also features a rubber buttplate for comfortable shooting. Handguard sports the same brownish green colour and also has a textured feel to it.
  • Features realistic looking insignia, however is not fully authentic due to copyright issues.
  • Sports three seperate sling mounts, one in the stock, one on the front sight tower and one at the rear sight assembly.
  • Features realistic field stripping, as well as a unique serial number.
  • Fully extended the rifle measures 1005mm. With the stock folded it comes in at 755mm.
  • Takes standard Marui 552 magazines.
  • Fires at: 300fps
  • Weighs: 2965g
  • Length: 520mm/740mm
  • Battery: 7.4V 1300mAh Li-Po (not included)
    Charger: We recommend the 1000mA Lipo/LiFe Charger

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