G&G UMG Sound Suppressor - Quick Release

by G&G
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SKU sil_umgsilencer
  • This is the full length propriety silencer for the G&G UMG .45. No other silencer will fit the UMG out of the box.
  • Features a very clever quick-detach mechanism which allows the silencer to click on and off the UMG's muzzle end with the single press of the integrated button.
  • Silencer is finished in a great looking powder coated finish.
  • Weighs in at 195g and is 210mm long and 35mm wide.
  • Comes bundled with the same muzzle end that ships with the UMG, which can be screwed on to any other AEG when the flash-hider is removed. The silencer can then be clipped onto this muzzle end as normal.
  • Essentially this silencer can be used on any standard 14mm thread.

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