Gate Aster V2 SE Lite Version - Rear Wired

by Gate
  • Lite version - inspired by sustainable electronics, it includes the minimum kit needed for use, reducing waste and being cheaper. Get the same extremely high-quality ETU with modest kit contents at an attractive price.
  • Improved programming via trigger gives you new settings like pre-cocking, trigger sensitivity adjustment, active brake settings with adaptive mode and new SAFE - SEMI - BINARY selector mode.
  • ASTER's smart fuse protects your AEG’s battery.
  • Quantum Trigger included in the kit.
  • Allows the user to set the trigger sensitivity to their personal liking.
  • New noise-resistant trigger detection algorithm.
  • Additional protection against interference thanks to multi-layer PCB with EMC shield.
  • Pre-cocking can be set to: LOW / MID / HIGH.
  • Compatibility with brushless motors.
  • Improved cycle detection.
  • Active brake adjustment: Adaptive / 100% / 60% / Brushless motor / OFF.
  • New selector mode: SAFE - SEMI - BINARY instead of SAFE - BINARY - AUTO.
  • GCS App allows for firmware updates via the internet.
  • Control your airsoft gun from a smartphone with Android, iOS and PC with Windows or macOS, using the Gate USB Link or Blu-Link (both sold seperately).
  • Get real-time data from the smartwatch app.
  • Kit contents:
  • Bag with ESD protection.
  • ASTER Module (Rear wired).
  • Quantum Trigger (model and color are random).
  • 'Programming via Trigger' Card.
  • Installation Kit.

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