HWholsters Kydex Tornado Grenade Holder - Olive Drab

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SKU HWholster_AI_TOR_od
  • This low profile Kydex grenade holder from HW Holsters is made for the Airsoft Innovations Tornado grenade.
  • These holders are custom made to fit your grenade so you can be sure that they fit securely.
  • Once the grenade is pressed into the Kydex holder, the custom fit holds the grenade firmly in place.
  • The holders can be mounted to any MOLLE platform using a Malice clip (sold separately).
  • Once mounted on your chest rig or belt, the design of the holders allows you to quickly access your grenade without the need to open pouches typically found on other grenade holders.
  • Olive Drab in colour.
  • Mounting screws are included but the mounts (Malice clip etc) are sold separately. Malice clips can be found here.
  • Tip: To keep your grenade holder's retention, do not store your grenade in its holder when not in use. Treat them like mid cap magazines!

  • Can be used with the 'Thunder B Cylinder (Soundflash) Grenade'. Isn't a prefect fit, but does retain the grenade.

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