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  • The CZ SP-01 Shadow ACCU is a competition ready, high speed airsoft pistol of the box. With new premium parts, this tier 1 pistol is one of the best out of box. 
  • Features authentic, laser etched, licensed CZ trades on the slide.
  • The pistol grip panels have been replaced with black aluminum grips. Although a smooth surface, the hard angled contours help keep a firm grip.
  • The SA (single action) stainless steel custom trigger stands out not only by its design but also enhances the smooth trigger pull and crisp reset.
  • The flat speed trigger design allows better contact surface on your finger to get faster and more precise shots on target.
  • The ACCU comes with competition sights both front and back, giving shooters a better sight picture. The front sight features a fiber optic stud to help aiming during low light operations.
  • The back sight is a Competition rear sight, adjustable for elevation. Original front sight included to accommodation different types of holsters.
  • The rounded serrated hammer has been replaced with a smaller but more square competition hammer.
  • The smaller design keeps weight down, helps with the tripper pull and keeps the backend more low profile.
  • The outer barrel, recoil spring guide, reverse plug and barrel bushing have all been replaced with steel parts for better durability.
  • The barrel bushing is a custom design by CZ. The added weight of the steel parts makes the ACCU a more balanced pistol with a full magazine.
  • The ACCU comes standard with a CO2 magazine which delivers a hard and realistic kick. The CO2 cartridge is easy to install with the included tool, whilst gas magazines are sold separately, but is not recommended during cold weather. For optimal kick and shooting experience, CO2 magazines are recommended and available here.
  • Picatinny rail allows for tactical accessories like flashlights and lasers.
  • Features:
  • New custom SA Speed trigger
  • New aluminium grip shells with grip tape
  • New competition Sights (original sights inc.)
  • New steel outer barrel, recoil spring guide, reverse plug and barrel bushing
  • CO2 powered. Takes standard ASG Shadow magazines available here.
  • Fires at: 300fps
  • Weighs: 1.138kg
  • Length: 212mm

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