Klarus 3.7V 16340 Rechargeable Battery - 700mAh

by Klarus
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SKU 16340_700mAh
  • Klarus highly recommends this 700mAh 16340 rechargeable battery for its flashlights.
  • This 700mAh, 3.7V battery has built-in protection circuits to prevent over-charge and over-discharge.
  • It will charge to 4.2V and has a discharge cut-off voltage of 2.75V.
  • The battery comes individually packaged in a protective case.
  • Samsung cell technology.
  • Battery size: 34mm x 16.50mm.
  • 2.59Wh.
  • Perfect for use in all Klarus flashlights that accepts a CR123a battery.

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