KRYTAC Trident LVOA-C - Black

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  • The LVOA-C models from Krytac come with fully licensed War Sport trademarks, along with a monumentally large  16" DEFIANCE handguard. 
  • Sports a 387mm 6.05mm inner barrel and a newly revised pistol grip.
  • Notably heavier than the Trident series, coming in at just shy of 3kg.
  • The package includes a front and rear sight, as well as a 4" 20mm rail for attaching to the handguard.
  • The  handguard features three prongs at the front that can be used to brace the gun against barricades, eliminating the need for an aftermarket barricade stop rail accessory.
  • The aluminum receivers feature stamped Wargame insignia and a dull matte finish. Additional features include an ambidextrous fire selector , with the right side being sorter than the left for more comfortable shooting.
  • The KRYTAC rotary hop-up has 15 adjustment settings and a numbered adjustment wheel for a quick reference point to determine how much hop is needed.
  • At the rear of the LVOA is the KRYTAC adjustable battery stock, which features two different battery configurations; nunchuck style batteries can fit in the tubes or a small lithium polymer brick battery can fit at the rear of the stock in front of the buttpad.
  • The stock also features two QD sling swivel divots as well as a loop for strap type sling attachments.
  • Internally, the LVOA features a reinforced 8mm ball bearing gearbox with integrated MOSFET to regulate electronic signals and to protect the trigger contacts.
  • The corners of the gearbox that surround the cylinder feature a smooth radius, as opposed to a typical 90° angle, to prevent fracture. Also, the gearbox shell features a small window on the left side where lubrication can be applied directly to the gears or piston, this window is also convenient for inspecting the angle of engagement with the gearbox fully assembled.
  • Additional gearbox features include a modular spring guide system that will allow the spring to be changed without completely disassembling the gearbox. The KRYTAC piston is made of a durable, lightweight, polymer and features 4 metal teeth, with the 2nd to last tooth absent.
  • The cylinder head is padded with an enlarged rubber bumper to optimize the angle of engagement and to absorb energy form the impact of the piston assembly. The material for the gears have been especially formulated to be very strong; Rockwell test figures on the KRYTAC gears are much higher than industry norms.
  • These 1 joule market Krytac models are not 11.1V compatible, use a 9.6V NIMH or 7.4V 20-30C Li-Po only.
  • Black in colour.
  • Fires at: 310fps
  • Weighs: 2.91kg
  • Length: 830-910mm
  • Battery Required: 9.6V crane-stock or 7.4V li-po sticks (not included)
  • Charger: Not included

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