KTW SPAS-12 Shorty Shotgun

by KTW
SKU 16648az
  • A beautifully made replica from KTW, a manufacturer that prides itself on simple, quality designs with accurate working functions of the real steel counterparts.
  • Based upon the SPAS 12 model, this is a spring powered airsoft shotgun so no batteries or gas required.
  • It is one of few shotguns with a working bolt; each time you cycle the pump handle, the bolt fully retracts open like the real steel model.
  • Unlike other airsoft models that shoot from a shotgun-shell style magazine, you first eject the long rod magazine from the front of the model and load your BBs into it. Capacity is 60 BBs.
  • Highly accurate colour reproduction, with realistic finishes all round as you would expect from KTW.
  • You can then choose whether the shotgun fires 1 or 3 BBs per trigger pull via the switch on the top of the shotgun.
  • Quality plastic construction with lots of metal parts.
  • The shell load door can be flipped open and closed (for show).
  • The gun also features a realistic safety catch feature.
  • Rear sling loop for sling attachment.
  • Adjustable hop-up feature.
  • Metal 20mm rail mount for scope attachment.
  • Front and rear sights for accurate aiming.
  • Fires at: 270fps
  • Weighs: 1.22kg
  • Length: 660mm

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