ASG (KWA) M93R ll

by KWA
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  • The M93R is a fabulous looking pistol, with it's extended magazine and folding foregrip.
  • Made famous through its use in Hollywood movies and Call Of Duty.
  • This KWA model has a top notch finish, with a full metal slide, built upon a tough ABS outer barrel and lower frame.
  • Lots of other metal parts include the extended magazine, selector switch, trigger, front and rear sights, slide release, magazine release, folding firegrip and disassembly lever.
  • The selector switch has two main modes; point it towards the single white dot for semi-automatic mode. Point it towards the three white dots for fully automatic mode. Positioning the selector between the two fire modes produces fully automatic fire.
  • The three round burst mode is fantastic fun and works incredibly well.
  • Adjustable hop-up located inside the ejection port at the rear of the barrel.
  • Just like the real pistol, this KWA model has the correct angular looking metal foregrip which is collapsible against the lower frame.
  • Extended magazine holds a massive 40 rounds.
  • Disassembly lever allows for quick field strips, just like a regular M92.
  • Ported, extended barrel like the real steel.
  • Enlarged lanyard at the base of the grip.
  • Sports more modern black polymer style grips than the traditional wooden grips.
  • Extended trigger guard allows use with heavy gloves.
  • Deep slide serrations allow for easy racking of the slide with improved grip.
  • Power output can vary quite a bit with the 93R depending on temperature, 144a gas is recommended for consistent sub 1 joule performance.
  • Fires at: 290fps
  • Weighs: 1068g
  • Length: 248mm

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