ASG (KWA) MP9 A3 - Black

by KWA
SKU 19248
  • Replacing the older Steyr TMP, this is a replica of the new MP9 machine pistol made by B&T.
  • Made by KWA for ASG under license from B&T AG, Switzerland, so it features full authentic B&T markings stamped on the body and ejection port cover.
  • Made from rock solid ABS polymer with lots of metal parts including the inner and outer barrel, side 20mm rail, bolt release latch, bolt assembly and magazine.
  • With the magazine inserted the whole machine pistol comes in at 1725g. The magazine alone weighs over 500g!
  • Magazine has authentic 5-30 round laser engraved markings and holds 48 BBs in a staggered formation.
  • Selectable semi and fully automatic fire modes.
  • Safety catch is integrated into the trigger, similar to the Glock safety mechanism.
  • This A3 version features a 20mm rail on the underside of the body in place of the foregrip on the A1 version. Folding stock can be securely attached to the side of the body, lining up the butt end with the front foregrip.
  • Charging handle is located to the upper rear of the reciever.
  • The bolt cycles with every shot, offering a considerable kick; moreso than the comparable M11A1.  The rate of fire is a bit lower than the M11, but still considerably higher than most AEGs.
  • The MP9 sports 20mm rails moulded into the top of the body, aswell as a side mounted metal rail on the right side.
  • Fantastic fun to shoot and suprisingly gas effecient, we're seeing 80+ shots shooting indoors on a single charge of gas.
  • Fires at: 275fps
  • Weighs: 1725g
  • Length: 305/527mm

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