Laylax Trunk Cargo Model - OD/Yellow

by Laylax
SKU bag_laylaxYELLOW
  • This great bag from LayLax is an ideal way to hold and transport you Airsoft gear.
  • You can store your airsoft items and outdoor items etc. without worrying about them being wet and dirty!
  • The lid is designed with round zip fastener.
  • Also, It has the lid so you can quickly store the items without making a mess in your car and other items!
  • The shoulder belt can be attached to the D-ring on the handle for easy carrying!
  • Fits into the luggage space of small/large vehicles!
  • You can also put the ice or ice pack for your drinks!
  • Great for out door events such as the camp and BBQ etc.!
  • Washable material for easy cleaning!

CAPACITY Approx. 72L

OUTER SIZE: L40×W60×H31cm



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