Madbull IPSC Shot Timer & Stop Plate

by Madbull
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  • Madbull's IPSC Shot Timer allows you to have competitive shooting matches in your own home.
  • The kit consists of the electronic timer device with LED read-out, the hinged target mount with in-built electronic switch, a length of cable for connecting the target mount and timer together and a single aluminium popper target.
  • The hinged target mount allows you to use your own targets installed if you wish (which is a good thing as the aluminium popper does not last very long). You can use the included popper as a template and make copies from cardboard, plastic or aluminium sheeting.
  • The timer system is designed to be used in conjunction with your own array of targets. If you have ten targets set up, you set the Madbull target as the last target to be hit, as this is the target that stops the timer.
  • To being shooting, simply install a 9V battery in the timer and plug the target mount cable into the timer. Hit the power button and you are ready to go.
  • To being competitive timed shooting, simply hit the mode button to set the countdown time. For example you can set the countdown to five seconds; when you hit the start button, the timer beeps every second when the countdown starts from five seconds, down to zero. When the final long beep sounds, you begin shooting your other targets. When all targets have been knocked down, shooting the Madbull popper stops the timer by activating the integrated switch.
  • Your time is then displayed on the LED readout. Hitting the reset button resets the counter.
  • The timer is made from aluminium with an anodized blue finish.
  • A really cool, affordable target and timer system.

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