Madbull XG02 Propane Adapter

by Madbull
SKU proad_madxg02
  • A high quality propane adapter from Madbull which allows you to fill your GBB pistol/rifle magazines with propane.
  • Fits most standard sized propane canisters.
  • The XG02 is a new revision that features a miniature silicon container attached to the side of the valve, so now you will now be able to charge your GBB magazines whilst lubricating them with silicon oil at the same time.
  • A specially designed chamber is designed to allow the silicon to mix with the propane gas when not in use, whilst at the same time preventing the silicon from leaking out of the valve.
  • Constructed with a stainless material core structure, with an aluminum shell in red, the Madbull XG02 is the ultimate propane adaptor.
  • Propane is available from most large home improvement stores, like B&Q and Atlantic Homecare. However please ensure that the propane tank has a screwable top for use with this, or any other adapter.


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