Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear - Flat 53530

by Krylon
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SKU 53530
  • This spray is an acrylic crystal clear top coat with a Flat finish.
  • Ideal for sealing and protecting your paint jobs to increase the life and durability of the finish.
  • The formula results in an flat finish for a completely natural look.
  • The clear coat is non-yellowing and is suitable for Metal, Wood, Plastic and more.
  • It delivers a smooth finish time  every time making it ideal for indoor and outdoor projects, as well as other general purpose applications.
  • Surface does not need to be sanded or primed, just ensure it is clean and dry before spraying.
  • Touch dry in just 10 minutes.
  • Our Krylon range is available in seven colours, Crystal Clear 53530, Black 4290, Olive 4292, Khaki 4291, Brown 4292, Woodland Light Green 4296, Sand 4295.

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