Systema PTW 2014 Challenge Kit - CQBR MAX 2

by Systema
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  • The Challenge Kit from Systema allows expert airsoft technicians to build their own PTW model at a fraction of the cost of a full assembled model.
  • It contains every single part required to assemble a complete PTW.
  • This particular kit is the 2014 (still the latest version) specification of the Professional CQB-R MAX2 model.
  • It features a 9.5" outer barrel, stainless steel cylinder and Kumi Type 7511 motor.
  • Includes CD-ROM tutorial.
  • Notes:
  • These kits are for advanced users only. Assembly is not the only process required, some parts require honing and skilled fitting to operate smoothly.
  • There are many modifications that can be performed on the hop-up, cylinder, gearbox shell and motor that improve out of the box performance. We recommend completing all of these modifications.
  • No power guarantees are made in regards the included spring. Tuning of the spring or installation of aftermarket springs may be required to produce the desired fps for your region.
  • We warrant the quality of the parts as they sit in the box only, so examine each part carefully before assembly. Once the parts are used in assembly and/or are fully assembled, not warranty is offered or implied.
  • The upper and lower receivers are free of any markings, as per all Challenge Kits.

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